Sky Eagle Fireworks Manufacturer Co. Ltd. was founded in 1996. It was formerly known as Fenghua Fireworks. With the increase on demand and production, the factory moved to Double Bridge Town, Wanzai, Jiangxi in 2014. The new factory has over 115 acres with approximate 500 staffs and workers. In addition, we have four large warehouses with over 800 square meters each and one 300 square meters for class B item.
The Sky Eagle factory is one of the most modern and largest factory in China. Sky Eagle fireworks is our registered brand. We produce premium 60 gram artillery shells, 500 gram florals, racks, medium size multi shot cakes and rockets. Our products have been exported to U.S., Germany U.K., Netherland, Poland, South America and South East Asia countries.
We can also produce customer ‘s private labels and assemble customer’s assortments. Our management team is experienced and had been in the industry for over 20 years. We always strive our best to provide high quality products, competitive prices and good service to our customers.
You are welcome to visit our factory and enjoy the demo at any time.
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Sky Eagle Fireworks
Tel :+86-0795-8811888
Fax :+86-0795-8811888
Address: Room 901, Unit 1, Block 2, Jinchen Guoji Building, Wanzai, Jiangxi province